Reclassifying historical disasters: From single to multi-hazards

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Year of publication: 2024

Access: Open


Organisation(s) / Author(s): Ryan Lee, Christopher J. White, Mohammed Sarfaraz Gani Adnan, John Douglas, Miguel D. Mahecha, Fiachra E. O'Loughlin, Edoardo Patelli, Alexandre M. Ramos, Matthew J. Roberts, Olivia Martius, Enrico Tubaldi, Bart van den Hurk, Philip J. Ward, Jakob Zscheischler


This research paper aims to present a framework for identifying multi-hazard events from a global disaster database and reclassifying them into different categories. EM-DAT data is used to identify and classify multi-hazard events from 1900 to 2023 at a global scale.

Technical considerations

The study defines multi-hazard events as simultaneous, cascading, or cumulative occurrence of multiple natural hazards. Data is available on request.


Multi-hazards, EM-DAT, Impacts, Natural hazard, Compound events

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