Wikithon 8th March (10:00-14:00 GMT)

From Disaster Risk Gateway

Welcome to the home page for the Disaster Risk Gateway wikithon.

The goals of todays event are to:

  • Introduce the Disaster Risk Gateway as a resource for the disaster risk and climate change adaptation communities
  • Demonstrate how to use, edit and create content on the wiki
  • Enhance content on the Disaster Risk Gateway through creation and editing of existing pages
  • Share knowledge of resources, as well as past and current multi-hazard, multi-risk projects and initiatives

Everything you need to take part should be located at the links below. If you have trouble finding something or would like additional information you can ask a question here. Alternatively, you can ask the Disaster Risk Gateway team a question in the Q & A in the Zoom.

Watch the Disaster Risk Gateway Introductory video for more information about the wiki.

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