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Year of publication: 2023

Access: Open


Organisation(s) / Author(s): Tristian Stolte, Elco Koks, Hans de Moel, Lena Reimann, Jasper van Vliet, Marleen de Ruiter, Philip Ward Institute for Environmental Studies - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (IVM-VU)


VulneraCity is a database of unique urban vulnerability drivers for six different hazards (Coastal flooding, Pluvial flooding, Earthquakes, Heatwaves, Drought, Waterborne diseases), providing descriptions, classifications, and sources. Next to the drivers, VulneraCity contains several examples of directional vulnerability dynamics. The drivers and dynamics are collected from over 450 individual studies, based on a systematic literature review.

A vulnerability driver is a feature that could alter the vulnerability of an (urban) area to a natural hazard. This is different from a vulnerability indicator, which is a measure to operationalize or quantify vulnerability. For instance, poverty would be a driver of vulnerability, of which an indicator could be the number of people below the poverty line.

Technical considerations



VulneraCity; Vulnerability; Urban; Cities; Disaster risk; Vulnerability dynamics

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