Pathways Generator

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Latest Version: 2017

Access: Freely available to download from website


Organisation(s) / Author(s): Deltares, Carthago Consultancy


The Pathways Generator is a tool for interactively exploring long-term policy pathways (sequences of proposed actions intended to achieve pre-defined objectives over time under uncertain and dynamic conditions) that uses the Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways (DAPP) approach (e.g. Hasnoot et al., 2013). The tool aims to help facilitate discussions on proposed interventions, their potential effects, costs and benefits for different scenarios.

The Pathways Generator tool is freely available as a computer application and contains two methods for generating policy pathways:

  1. Using adaptation tipping points based on the conditions under which a policy fails, as assessed through scenarios.
  2. Using the timing of adaptation tipping points, as determined by analysis of scenarios.

Once an approach is selected, the tipping points of a system and any policy actions are added then the pathways are generated. Scenarios can then be added.

Pathways are visualised as a map.

Technical considerations

The Pathways Generator is available to download from the Deltares public wiki and can be run on Microsoft Windows operating systems. Video tutorials and an instruction manual are available at the same location.


Policy; Adaptation; Tipping Points; DAPP; Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways; Planning; Pathways

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