Oasis Loss Modelling Framework

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Latest Release: Oasis Release v1.26.3

Access: Open access

Link: https://oasislmf.org/, https://github.com/OasisLMF, https://oasislmf.github.io/

Organisation(s) / Author(s): Oasis Loss Modelling Framework


The Oasis Loss Modelling Framework (LMF) is a free to use platform for running and developing catastrophe models. According to Oasis LMF, the main users are model developers, risk analysts, and enterprise risk systems at (re-)insurance organisations but it has applications in multiple sectors, including academic and research groups.

The framework has three main software components:

  1. Oasis Platform – the catastrophe modelling system.
  2. Oasis User Interface (UI) - a web based application for uploading data and running models
  3. Oasis Model Development Kit (MDK) – tools for creating and testing models to be used in the Oasis Platform

Oasis models are catalogued in the Oasis Model Library.

Comprehensive information about the Loss Modelling Framework is provided at: https://oasislmf.org/oasis-information-library and https://oasislmf.github.io/

Technical considerations

All code and components are available at: https://github.com/OasisLMF and can be freely used under the BSD 3 license, and tailored as necessary for specific use cases.

The Oasis Model Development kit is a Python package that provides a Command Line Interface (CLI).


Catastrophe model; Loss; Exposure; Vulnerability; Risk; Risk assessment; Insurance; Reinsurance

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